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Sophie Raoufi is a British Iranian poet and writer who takes inspiration for her work from love, loss and technology. 

A recipient of The Print Futures Award in 2016, she is also a passionate supporter of inclusive publishing. She is due to graduate from the Faber Academy in 2023. 

She lives in London. 

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Raoufi, S. (2021), ‘The Ghost of Love’, Rhodora Magazine, Issue 1. 

Raoufi, S. (2021), 'Muscle Memory’, Afternoon Delight


Raoufi, S. (2022), 'Gone are the Nights', Bealtaine Magazine, Issue 2. 

Raoufi, S. (2021), ‘Return to Sender’, Perfumed Pages, Issue 1. 

Raoufi, S. (2021), ‘Glitter’, Potted Purple, Issue 7. 

Raoufi, S. (2021), ‘break in case of emergency’, The Type Review, Issue 1. 

Raoufi, S. (2021), ‘Bollinger Baby’, Bloom Magazine.

Raoufi, S. (2021), ‘Watch My Heart’, Bloom Magazine

Raoufi, S. (2021), ‘This Small Violence’, Bloom Magazine.

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