Hello, darling. I got your message. 

You know I can’t pick up.

Now, now. You’ll only make me cry. 

Taking your love has always cost me too much. 

I just want to hold you, and not have it hurt. 

It’s such a charming agony, don’t you find?

We all suffer for our art, baby. 

You’re my little masterpiece. 

So now you want this butter blonde?

Honey, I don’t live here anymore.

Come and find me at love’s end,

break my lonely peace one more time. 

I wish I’d met you before I was ruined. 

You’re my cause and my cure, darling.

Now there’s only one thing for it:

Shall we begin again?


Return to Sender was first published in Perfumed Pages (2021). 



Who are these men we love?

The ones we let into our beds,

and our bodies.

For once I’d like to taste your blood.

Darling, let me in.

Is that glitter in your eyes?

I heard someone shot your

heart out.

Now your brain doesn’t rule your body,

I can take what I need.


Glitter was first published in Potted Purple (2021). 



we used to lie palm to palm

now its palm to window

window to palm

hot breath on glass

break me.

we used to sleep face to face

now its face to screen

screen to face

cold feet in bed

hold me.


break in case of emergency was first published in Issue 1 of The Type (2021). 



Take a sip of my champagne, darling,

tell me how it tastes. 

I’ve been telling everyone about you.

No, don’t leave me now,

I was just getting used to this. 

The Bollinger’s a vintage,

and I let you sip from the bottle. 

It took some time, darling,

and I never found another 

that drank so quickly.

I kept the bottle, you know,

the one we drained in bed.

I wanted you so badly,

my Bollinger baby. 

I’ve been busy, darling,

pouring flutes for others,

curing myself of you. 


Bollinger Baby was first published in Bloom Magazine (2021). 



Champagne dripping and sugar spilling, 

tulle skirts and sweet whispers, 

dizzy and delirious, 

soft sounds of falling in love. 

I want one that looks pretty, 

devastatingly so, you know the type. 

I know they’re the wrong ones, 

but I always get lost in the kisses. 

What’s a girl to do?

I love the way the handsome ones wander,

dropping glitter all over the floor.

Little footprints all the way to me. 

Put your finger to your pulse,

watch my heart thump, thump, thump,

I’m on borrowed time, baby. 

Come and steal your minutes.


Watch My Heart was first published in Bloom Magazine (2021). 



Now sit for this ritual, 

and the boar bristles that like to 

rip hair from the root.

After, watch the strands of silk

stand still in the soft light 

and the silence. 

Dig out the brush’s bones,

unearth the filth, 

another bodily parting. 

This came from you, 

this coarse gold deadness and 

the hot sting in the scalp. 

Witness this small violence

 of womanhood:

brutal, bruising and beautiful. 


This Small Violence was first published in Bloom Magazine (2021).